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Have you ever wondered about having an enema but didn't know where to start?

Worried about enema being 'dirty' or 'unclean'?

Firstly, let me say that enema is neither of these things. Colonic irrigation and enema is a topic that many people shy away from, but really, there is no need for this.

Hi, my name is Harvey and I was certainly a bit cautious about buying my first enema kit. There was surprisingly little information available, and I wasn't able to find any suppliers in New Zealand using the internet. I ended up purchasing from the other side of the world from a site that didn't look all that secure, and the whole process felt a bit uncomfortable. This was a few years ago now, and I have decided to set this site up to remove some of the frustrations I found when buying my first home enema kit.

Why enema?

If you have never taken an enema before, you might be surprised at the range of benefits and good effects it can have:
  • Colon detoxification will leave you feeling cleansed and comfortable.
  • Feel 'full of life'.
  • Prevents fecal matter from being lodged in the colon where it hardens against the colon wall - this often happens with high-fat low-fibre diets, and can be responsible for poor health and a lack of energy.
  • An effective remedy for constipation (which can be an indication of a toxic colon)
  • Hemorrhoid Treatment, Ulcerative Colitis Treatment
  • And many others...

People use enema for different reasons, but largely there are those looking to use enema for the health benefits of having a clean colon, and those looking for sexual stimulation or for cleansing prior to sex. The kits we supply suit both of these needs perfectly.

Why a home enema kit?

Probably the simplest, cheapest, and certainly the most private way of performing an enema is to use a home enema kit. The kit is a stainless steel bucket/pot, with a tube that is inserted into the colon. This is something you can do yourself, at home, and the whole process takes less than 30 minutes.
A number of clients are on special cleansing or fasting diets (such as the Ultimate Cleanse), and are taking an enema daily. For those who are looking for the 'feel good' effect of enema, once a week, or once a month, or less often is also fine. Part of the reason many people start using enema is to improve their health, so it's a great opportunity to start eating more fibre and less fat / sugar which works together with the enema kit to improve overall wellbeing.

The Home enema kits we supply are:

  • Easy to use. A detailed instruction booklet is provided which shows you everything you need to know about the kit.
  • Long lasting. The stainless steel pot won't perish like the rubber varieties. The kit will last for many years of regular (or irregular) use.
  • Safe. Control the flow of water using the adjustable tap, plus the safety pinch clamp. Disposable catheter tubes are latex-free, sealed and sterilised.
  • Private. Purchase online with complete peace of mind - we ship in plain packaging, and your order details are kept private.

We know that our customers are looking for a good quality kit that makes the process easy. You want your kit delivered quickly and discreetly, and without excessive shipping costs that you often get from ordering overseas (I paid approx USD$15 for shipping to New Zealand for my first kit). And you want your details kept private.

Why buy online?

I found that people like buying online because it's private. Customers don't want to have to purchase from a seedy sex shop (especially those looking to buy an enema kit for the health benefits), and ordering online is easy and safe.
We use Paypal for processing credit card payments, so we don't have access to your credit card details at any time (Paypal handles these with their world-class payment systems). If you don't have a credit card or for whatever reason prefer not to pay online, we are happy to accept payments by cheque / bank transfer as well and will still deliver your order promptly (just select the "offline payment" option when you get to the checkout - we will email you the PO Box / Bank account details).

Obviously all your contact details are kept completely private - we won't ever email or phone you unless you contact us first or we need to get in touch regarding your order.

Kits are shipped from here in New Zealand, and will take 3-5 working days to arrive depending where you are in the country. At this stage, we are only delivering within New Zealand.

Which kit is right?

We make this easy for you by stocking only one kit - a 2 litre stainless steel home enema kit. You can optionally purchase additional disposable catheter tubes for the kit, but these can also be purchased at a later date.

2L Stainless Steel Home enema kit

Stainless steel enema kit
Each kit includes the following...
  • 2L Stainless steel enema pot
  • Hose with clamp and tap
  • PVC catheter tube (recommended for single use)
  • Douche nozzle
  • Instruction booklet

The kit includes both a flow control tap and a safety cutoff valve, making it easy to control the flow of water to a comfortable level. Stainless steel kits are much easier to clean than other kits, and don't crack or tear with age like the rubber enema bags.

Buy now:

No credit card needed! If it's more convenient, you can pay by cheque or bank deposit (instructions given during checkout process). Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal also accepted.

Stainless Steel enema kit: $99

Stainless Steel enema kit + 10 additional catheter tubes: $124

10x single use catheter tubes: $25

Spare parts

We have a range of spare parts available for our kits. Please click here for more details.

Delivery information: A freight charge of $6.50 applies to all orders. We deliver to New Zealand (3-5 working days delivery*) and Australia (10-14 working days delivery*) only.

* If payment is made by bank deposit or cheque, delivery will take longer as payment needs to be verified before the order is shipped.

Our guarantee

It's important to us that you can feel confident in buying our products online, and we want to know that we are serious about deliving good service throughout the whole process. However for obvious hygeine reasons we can't offer a 'trial period' or 'return period' for our enema equipment. We do guarantee that your kit will be high quality and free from defects - if you find this is not the case, we will make things right. We answer our email very quickly, so don't hesitate to email us if you have any queries.

PS. Don't be afraid to give this a try - you will feel amazing; cleansed, and ready for anything!
Disclaimer: The contents of this website are informational only, and is not intended to replace advice from your doctor or health practitioner. We recommend consulting a medical expert prior to commencing enema. All pricing is in New Zealand dollars.