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About enemas.co.nz

Enemas.co.nz is a New Zealand based online shop for enema equipment. We have been online since 2008 after noticing how little choice there was for buying decent quality enema equipment in New Zealand. We have many happy customers all around New Zealand.

Having practised enema for around 5 years, we do use our own products and do recommend them - enema is something that people often know nothing about and are reluctant to try. We hope by making these products more readily available in New Zealand, more people will be able to find
out for themselves how much good can come from this process.

We don't have or need a retail store - this keeps overheads low, and means we can keep prices reasonable. We make every effort to ship all orders same business day, or if that's not possible the following morning.

We are not trained medical practitioners, and as such we aren't able to offer any medical advice if you have a "Is enema safe if I have XXXXX medical condition" type question. These questions are best left for your GP to answer.

Please, continue to browse our site and purchase your kit online using credit card, bank deposit or cheque. If there is anything we can do to assist, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We wish you well as you discover for yourself the benefits to be had by using enemas.

All the best,

Harvey & the team at enemas.co.nz        

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