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Can I pick up my order?
The kits ship from Swanson in West Auckland - if you are in the local area you can arrange to collect your order, otherwise all orders are delivery-only.

Do I need a credit card to buy online?
No, a credit card is not required. Using the Paypal option you can pay using Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Paypal funds, but you can also place your order online and pay by bank deposit or cheque. You will be given the options after entering your contact details - after the order is placed, we will email you the bank account number + a reference number for making payment.

Is enema safe?
If the enema is performed as described in the instruction booklet, it should be considered safe.

What is a catheter tube?
The catheter tube is a long, thin tube which is inserted into the rectum, delivering water deep into the bowel. It can be safely inserted up to 30cm inside the colon, and if lubricated, this is easy to do and painless.

Is enema recommended for pregnant women?
We do not recommend enema for women who are pregnant, as it may increase the risk of a miscarriage.

Is enema painful?
Different people experience different levels of comfort or discomfort during an enema. While the process is not generally painful, there can often be discomfort in the abdomen area during an enema.
This discomfort can be reduced by slowing the flow of water - either by placing the enema pot at a lower height (less gravity = slower flow) or restricting the flow using the tap on the hose.
Discomfort can also be minimised by massaging your abdomen in an anticlockwise direction while the water is flowing.

Do you stock colema boards
Not at the moment, but it's something that we may consider in the future. The colema boards are quite large, which makes the freight costs to New Zealand rather expensive.

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